Large Kennels Back Doors of Large Kennels

The Animotel was a purpose built facility, originally designed and built for the SPCA many years ago now.

We have 20 large kennels, 11 medium kennels, 20 inside kennels and 10 cat rooms of which all are well designed with large sleeping areas in the back and lots of room for your pets to move around.

Flynn and Milo Large Cat Rooms

It is a very secure facility with tall fences around the outside leaving no chance of any unwanted guests getting in, or little Houdini dogs getting out! You will see from some of the photos that the exercise yards are huge, allowing your pets ample room to run around when being exercised by myself and staff.

We have a well appointed kitchen for food preparation and a washing room to shampoo and pamper our guests.

We have quarantine rooms available to deal with any health problems should they occur, and to date they have not been needed thanks in part to our stringent vaccination updates for everyone's peace of mind.

We always welcome inspection, and we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the Animotel's facilities and the size of the rooms.

You can see more of our facility in the photo gallery, so take a look at the rest of my wonderful Animotel there.

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Love and hugs daily and plenty of exercisde